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Edit test

Enter the questions with their answers in the edit window. Every line means a new question.

Separate questions from the answers with the = symbol.

one = uno

More answers to this question? As many as you want. Use the ; symbol to separate answers.

one; One = uno; Uno; 1

Hints, visible during the test, are between curly brackets.

one; One = uno; 1 { This text here is displayed as red text in the test. }


Open the symbols per language by clicking on the button with the Ohm (Ω) symbol.

An = symbol without having it as question separator can be added with this symbol:

=   ;
This equals sign is common in the Greek language en can be found under the category ‘Greek’.

Other question types

Enter multiple choice questions in this format:

one = (uno*)(dos)(tres) { the * indicates the right answer }

..and multiple choice questions with more than one answer:

Bicycle factories in Amsterdam = (Simplex*)(Gazelle)(Burco*)(Fongers)(Germaan)

..grammar questions have the following structure:

have = (I=have)(he=has)(we=have)


BBCode can be used for formatting questions.

[br] = line break
[b][/b] = bold
[i][/i] = italic
[u][/u] = underline
[s][/s] = strike
[sup][/sup] = superscript2+
[sub][/sub] = subscript2
[red][/red] = red color

Practise test

Enter the answer to the question and press ‘Check’, or ‘Enter’.

Change the ‘Ask’ and ‘Order’ settings for more or less difficult tests.
Multiple choice or drag tests? Change the type of test.




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